A Name Inspired

This week on our version of Nameberry with a novel twist we are going to discuss our favourite names that are inspired by all things literary.

I am obsessed (well obsessed might be a little strong) with names that have any connection with the written word and those who have altered all our lives using said words.

So these are the names I have come up with:

  • Ever: As in Happily Ever After! Oh boy this is one of my all-time favourites! (I think it might be obvious with my overuse of exclamation marks.)


  • Story: I have a personal connection with this moniker, having used it as the name of the main character in my own novel. It is just a perfect literary inspired name.


  • Page: Not to be confused with Paige with an ā€œiā€! I just love the simplicity of this name and its connection to our theme.


  • Fini: When I see the embodiment of this name, I think of a cute little pig-tailed girl with the wildness of an Anne we all know.


  • Writ: Perhaps a play on Write and the first name last name of the Wright we are more accustomed to hearing.


I am leaving it at five for the moment as I am just in such a satisfied state with these choices. Are there ones which you thought should be added to the list dear readers? As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the list of Litberry names I have discussed with you this week!

I am off to put my nose in a very good book! Till next time.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What book are you currently reading and what character name is your favourite from it?


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