Who Wore it Best: Kilt Edition

Dear Readers,

We are gathering here this Wednesday to discuss the editions belonging to the first in Diana Gabaldon’s series: Outlander.

I devoured this book after purchasing it and immediately started watching the television show based on it. I was pleasantly surprised with the characterization and general events portrayed on the show. I remember hearing how once the author met the actor who plays Jamie she was shocked at how he was the embodiment of the character she had written. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

So today I am flipping the script a little and putting two covers together with one major difference between them: country of publication. I thought it might be nice to see how a cover is transformed based on the where it is printed.

Dell Publishing Company 2005 published this English version of Outlander with this stunning crest-like image combining a crown and thistle. I like how the gold appears to jump out at the reader against the royal blue background of the cover.

Knaur Taschenbuch 2015 (first published June 1st 1991) brings us Feuer und Stein (German for Fire and Stone) the German publication of the first in the Outlander series. I love the colour and how the thistles (the national flower of Scotland) almost appear to be engraved on the cover.






Knaur Taschenbuch

Knaur Taschenbuch’s: Feuer und Stein! I love the detail of this edition! I feel the cover speaks to the intricacy the story weaves for the reader. This is one of the best love stories I have read in quite some time, making it perfect for a Who Wore it Best Wednesday right before Valentines Day!

I love looking at the different editions from country to country to see what speaks the most to me as a reader! It makes me want to look into more editions from other countries and see if I prefer their editions over those from my own.

I shall leave you here literary lovelies! I hope your week is going by at a great pace for you and may your weekend come as swiftly as you need it to.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: The cover photo from my website is from my trip to Scotland! I loved travelling there and seeing its rugged beauty!

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