Puffin Battle

This Who Wore it Best Wednesday post is brought to us by a childhood classic turned Disney favourite: Peter Pan.

I have visited Magic Kingdom in Disney World a handful of times (all in my adulthood) and my favourite ride hands down is the Peter Pan ride. From the soaring rooftops in ships to the newly renovated waiting experience (they have the line progress through Wendy, John and Michael’s bedroom and it is stunning) it always is the one I am willing to wait in.

I do not recall Peter Pan being considered by my childhood self to be my favourite, but I definitely remember watching it again and again. I also had a love for mermaids (even though the ones in the movie were not very nice to Wendy on adult re-viewing).

This week our literary red carpet is walked by two books published by Puffin.



Our first cover comes to us from Puffin Books (2011) and has this amazing whimsical feeling with its reoccurring almost wallpaper-like simplistic drawings of fairies and boots and the sea with a moon. There is something about this cover which presents that feeling of being read to by a loved one while you are tucked beneath the covers.

The second cover is brought to us by Puffin (2014) and is a photo of the copy I actually own and highlighted on my Instagram account. I know literary lovelies this doesn’t happen very often that I share the book edition I currently call my own. This cover called to me via my latest book haul due to its amazing chalk detail. Puffin did two other books in this chalk cover detail and they are all stunning. Again I love the simple imagery Puffin chose to share with the Jolly Roger upon the high seas.





Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Puffin 2014

The Puffin edition I own of course! Could you imagine if I had chosen the other one! I am sure you all could tell which one I was going to pick because I actually picked it in real life! I find myself just holding the cover and staring at the amazing artwork which went into this design. Such beautiful book perfection.

Which would you have chosen dear reader? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below and whether or not you have read this classic?

I shall leave you here and look forward to meeting again this Sunday for what will probably be either a literary name inspired post or perhaps a dear reader one. I have really been enjoying the posts this month and hope you have to dear readers.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: I’m not sure if I am liking my book club book for April. Help!

10 thoughts on “Puffin Battle

  1. Oh I you picked my favourite, though I might have been tempted by both of them!

    I managed to get hold of a wonderful pink Alice in Wonderland with gold edges on the pages, it’s so beautiful I find eye always seeks it out when I am looking at my bookshelves. I love finding a beautiful book where the cover is as magical as the pages inside.

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    • They are both very tempting! Your edition of Alice in Wonderland sounds beautiful! That is one of the reasons why I love reprints so much especially with classics because it is so wonderful to see what they come up with for new covers!


    • I got my copy from bookoutlet just recently! Minus the mark on the pages on the bottom it is in such amazing condition and at such a great price. Usually it is just a dot, but I wonder whomever might have been working was just not thinking when they made a stripe along the bottom (ugh). I know both the .com and .ca websites have a copy still for a great price if you are interested!

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  2. Ahhhh! Firstly, I LOVE this literary red carpet, and secondly, Peter Pan was my favorite story as a kid, so this just made me want to make my mom ship me my old children’s books 😂 Omg though, I could never choose between those two gorgeous covers 😍


    • I am so glad that you like the idea of a literary red carpet. It is one of my favourite posts to write as I am one of those who can get caught up buying different editions of the same book because of a fantastic new cover. Your kind words warm my heart! I also have tried to get my mother to ship my childhood books to me, but she usually gets me to come for a visit instead and I have to try and take them back in my carry on in shifts. Sometimes I do choose both as I love them too much!


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