I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another edition of Writing Prompt Wednesday. This prompt feels a little shorter than my usual ones, but I guess the story ends when my brain tells my fingers to stop.

So here we go:

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.57.23 PM

I scratch at it as though somehow it is not permanent, like those numbers haven’t always been etched there for everyone to see. 

It has become a cultural norm to live your last days to the fullest and I jumped knowing I was definitely going out with a bang, or more accurately a splash, off of the most beautiful white cliffs I had ever seen. I don’t even remember hitting the water those minutes before midnight.  

It isn’t uncommon for the “expiring” to travel during their last week, to have one more adventure. Every country has specific protocols, an entire department even, dedicated to returning the bodies to where they came from. If a body can be recovered that is. 

I continue to touch them, more accurately tap at those numbers, nearly to the beat of the monitor that arm is hooked up to. 05-09-18. May 9th, 2018. Some people get the month and day wrong, as some are mixed up on whether it is day before month or vice versa. Again I think maybe it was supposed to be September 5th, but I had already double checked before I had set my farewell in motion.  

I had stopped looking out the window at the group of people, doctors, nurses, a few others in suits who had been camped out there since I had woke up. They all looked stoic and calm in the face of it, yet their eyes gave them away. I was the first. The first ever to wake up the day after the numbers on your arm said you were never supposed to open your eyes again. 


This concludes the prompt. As I mentioned above it does seem a bit short. Let’s just say short but sweet! I shall leave you here literary lovelies and wish you the best Wednesday wherever you may be.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Do you have a prompt you would like to see on a post? I would love to write one based on a comment below.






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