I shall call you…

I have a fun exercise for us today dear readers! One of my favourite parts of writing is coming up with the perfect names for my characters. I often find I cannot start actually writing the story till I have just the right names. The plot and key scenes will just keep swirling around in my brain until the name is struck and I can finally begin.

Now some people are amazing at name creation and if you already have a name in mind just type it in the comment below and if you want to give us a few attributes for your character that would be very welcome.

I personally am inspired by last names as first names, for example I love the name Bronte. I also love names inspired by places, such as Verona.

If I cannot seem to find the right name, I often find myself laying down on the floor and staring up at the ceiling. For some reason all my best ideas come from the thin air up there.

What I find as a helpful tool if I am stuck are name generators! Here is a list of the favourite names I found with these online moniker makers:

Greer Knight – This is a great site as it generates sets of character names. Great for siblings!

Beatrix – I love how this one asks you for name inspirations and takes the ones you like into account when it generates the names for you.

Miss Ruth Curzon-Whitton – There is something about this name generator that I love very much! I have always been a fan of steam punk and might be even more after using this site.

Ainsley – Behind the Name is amazing because you can include not only a life story but where your character might originate from. (I chose from the categories: Scottish & Celtic Myth!)

Ryrd – I loved that this is a fantasy inspired name generator. I chose names that were consonant heavy.

I look forward to your character names literary lovelies, whether you already had them made up or whether or not you used one of the pseudonym seekers. (I hope you are appreciating my thesaurus work!)


Honestly Austen

Postscript: One of my all time favourite names is for the main character of my novel. Her name is Story Grayson.


32 thoughts on “I shall call you…

  1. My characters name would be Delta Alaban. I like this name because Delta I think of a strong and independent young lady. Alaban is a popular scottish name and I’m scottish. I would make Delta Alaban a fearsome but shy and quiet girl who has a strong personality, almost like Hannah Baker off of 13 reasons why. I am interested in your ways of writing a book. I am almost inspired to write a little chapter book of my own and use the same strategy. Thanks for your inspiring ideas.

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    • I love this name! Delta Alaban (insert heart eye emoji here) I hope you do write your chapter book and when you do I would love to read it! You are very welcome! I feel like your words inspire me!


  2. I already write my own little fan fictions and little mini stories as well. So out of all the names i like i think i’d choose the name nenuphar or halo,nenuphar means water lily in french then halo just sounds like a name for an innoucent little angel. Nenuphar would be a stubborn girl,or a green thumb girl,then halo just sounds like a sweet little girl.

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    • These are amazing names! I love Nenuphar so much especially its origin. I also love the descriptions you have for the characters and they really feel real. I love to hear you are already a writer. What are your fan fictions and mini stories about?


  3. My characters name would be Sadie Ricco. I like this name because for some reason, when I hear that name I think of someone who would be strong headed but also kind. But also sassy and funny. I chose the last name Ricco because it is very fun to say. It is also a common last name in Italy.

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  4. if i had to choose a charters name it would be walter outto. these are common german names and i am german. walter would be a stalker kinda kind of kid and kinda would be like the guy named tyler from 13 reasons why and kinda of a stalker and invades peoples space and then he gets hs space invaded and has a freak out.

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    • Wow this is such a vivid picture. I can almost see him as if he is playing out on the screen in front of me. I often find myself connecting with television characters in how they inspire the characters I write about. I love when a name which is culturally connected to us is used for a character!


  5. Bobby Swansan a hard working construction man who is very
    handy to have around and who will always get the
    job done. He is very loud and obnoxish but will do whatever
    it takes to get the job done.

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  6. I would name my character Harry i have use this character in a few of my sort stories. he is a black and white bunny , he has glowing blue eyes and a stands on two legs. he is very smart and a bit nerdy and loves waffles! he is my favorite character I created .

    ps: I use one of the name generators before to create a bad guy

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    • This bunny reminds me of a novel I read when I was younger called Bunnicula and the bunny was a vampire! It has been one of my favourite childhood reads. I love that you used a name generator for one of your villains!


  7. my character would be named jose de los santos, because “de” is “of” and “los santos” is “the saints” also de los santos is a common title/last name in Ecuador. I am half ecuadorian so I I really like the name, I think this guy would be a funny outgoing loud person with lots of, I guess strong opinions so he would kind of be like me. I’m not sure if I could ever make a book especially since i’m not a great writer but if I had to I would make a short funny book with jose de los santos as the main character getting in small problematic situations

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    • I love how your heritage has come into play when creating your character! I think if you want to write, you should write. I do not think I am a particularly strong writer, but I do my best. What is amazing is that there are people out there whose job it is to help with editing! I think it is a great idea to start off with the short stories and maybe you can compile them into a novel about the many adventures of Jose de los Santos. Wow that name really rolls off the tongue!


  8. My characters name would be Ivan Ranford . I chose this name because I feel like it is an interesting and not very common name so it would be interesting. I feel like Ivan would be a brave and outgoing guy and would kinda be like a ‘leader’. He would also be a funny person and friendly. It would just be a cool name for a book because its not a common name u hear.

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    • I love when book titles are the name of the main character! Ivan Ranford sounds like such an interesting person. I would love to know more about him and what he might be up to. I am intrigued!


  9. I think one of my characters name would be Emilia Smith. I like this name because I think the name Emilia is super cute and I think that if I ever heard this name I would think of her as a very strong, active, independent and I feel like she would have a very big mind of her own. I would make Emilia Smith a shy but still an intelligent lady. She would grow up to be a very strong lady.

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  10. My chareter’s name will be Vonn for his first name and for his last name Le Bon, so his full name would be Vonn Le Bon, cause vonn means white soldier, and one of my family members middle name is Vonn. his personality would be like a strong person who never give up, and whos french wich he does understand canadian language, and he gets in trouble from canadian people because they say hes giving sass.

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    • I find myself saying Vonn Le Bonn out loud because it sounds so nice. A perfect name for the description of him you created. I didn’t know Vonn meant white soldier and I mentioned in another comment how much of an honour it is to use a name of someone you know!


  11. My characters name Eszter Toth because I’m hungarian and that’s a very popular name for hungarian girl. I choose this name because the name Eszter is such a proud name to me because it just sounds it would be a strong, well proscented women. The name Toth is the same thing but Toth stands out more to me. I will definitely take the challenge to writing my own chapter book. Your ideas were amazing THANK YOU !!!

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    • OH Maddie! You make my heart feel so full with your kind words. You are very welcome! I hope you do take the challenge to write your own chapter book and with a character like Eszter Toth you are already well on your way! I love both names and when you do get started, let me know and I would love to read it!


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