Dreams Are Not Dreamed – Review



Dreams Are Not Dreamed by Menachem Esse follows three years in the life of teenage Bryce and his aspirations to be a professional snowboarder in the face of snowboarding being forbidden due to a significant injury and the subsequent divorce of his parents.

Favourite Quotes:

“His heart was hurting now, as though someone were tugging on his emotions with a string of sadness.”

“Even if I’m around people. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. It just feels like I’m all alone. So sometimes I’ll just go for walks and think, and… and yeah, just think. And that’s something else with writing. I can actually express myself in it, and it makes me less lonely. I can make up characters that come from within and such.”  

My Thoughts:

From the get go the descriptive ability of the Author stayed with me. The way he wrote about the snow on the mountain made me think and miss my own snowy home. His ability to provoke strong imagery through his words made me feel like I was watching the book unfold before me like a movie.

Dreams Are Not Dreamed provides the reader with a strength of character and shows us that in the face of anything, dreams can be achieved if we are willing to strive for them with all we have.

I have always felt a disconnect between myself as a reader and teenage male protagonists within the books I read, but I felt a connection with Bryce. I wanted so much to provide the home life he needed and to support him in succeeding at what his heart desired. Although I did love Bryce, I had a hard time connecting with the language and actions of the other male characters, which is no reflection on the writing or the book, just on my personal tastes as a reader. It is a testament to the great writing ability of the author to create characters I felt where so authentic.  

This was a very different story than what I usually read, but I always believe every story crosses my path for a reason. Dreams Are Not Dreamed has opened my eyes to a subject matter within fiction I have little experience with: divorce. I have been fortunate enough to have connected with a grade 6 class from my hometown via my blog this last year and have learnt more about their lovely literary tastes and this book definitely falls within them. A number of them mentioned feeling connected to stories which depict divorce as their families were going through divorces. We need more books, like this one, which touch on the loneliness and heartbreak kids find while experiencing divorce alongside their parents. It gives kids what they need: a connection to something within the pain, and ways to cope to survive it. Dreams Are Not Dreamed provides that connection to a reader.

I heart Dreams Are Not Dreamed this much: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You can purchase this amazing story here.

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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