The Monastery Treasures: a Sam n’ Me Adventure – Review

sam n me

Amazon synopsis:

The Monastery Treasure is the first of a series of mystery adventures taken from the memories of Gramps as he tells the Sam ‘n Me tales. He tells his stories using the lingo of the old west and creates images you swear will take you into the adventure with them.
Sam ‘n Gramps start out as detectives working for Pinkertons in Santa Fe, New Mexico and wind up setting up their own treasure hunting business. This first treasure hunt starts with Sam receiving a monastery record book that contains the secret to a treasure worth a king’s ransom. Sam’s Uncle Timothy found the record book years before and was never able to solve the secret to where the treasure was. Uncle Timothy promises Sam half of the treasure if he can find it. The story surrounds that treasure hunt, and the treachery of the scoundrels involved, told through Gramps unique style of spinning a yarn. It will keep you feeling you are part of the story as he tells it.
That’s only the beginning. There are dozens more mystery adventures and each of them takes you into greater and greater peril with Sam and Gramps and each new partner they pick up along the way. Every adventure requires them to become ever more resourceful using their growing arsenal of weapons and strangely gifted powers.
Prepare yourselves for extraordinary tales that will take you into the farthest reaches of your imagination. Indeed, they will take you beyond even the wildest reaches of your imagination.
Get ready because once ya get started yer goin to find yerself in the same whirlwind of adventures we are.


Favourite Quotes:

“We always faced our enemies head on.”

‘“Let’s climb into those bedrolls and get some shut-eye so we’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornin.”’

**There were so many of these cowboy sayings which called to my heart! I could pretty much put the entire series within this section**


My Thoughts:

I live by a literary philosophy that every book I read was meant to be read by me for one reason or another. Even if I am not consciously aware of what that reason is or what lesson I am going to inevitably take away from the read, part of me recognizes that there is something within the pages I need.

From the get go of reading the Introduction by the author Branton Holmberg, I felt like I was going back in time to when my cowboy Grandpa Jack was alive and I felt such a strong connection to him again; a connection I haven’t felt in a really long time. These are just the types of stories I feel would have connected his youth to mine. So thank you so much Branton Holmberg for contacting me and allowing me to read your words which transported me back to a time I desperately wish I could have again. I love your personal story as much as I love your writing. The adventures of Sam n’ Me gripped me from the beginning and I know I will continue to read them again and again.

I think it is important to add the beginning of the introduction Branton relays before Gramps begins the story. The introduction which grabbed my heart and made me relish the cowboy adventure we were about to embark on:   

“The Sam ‘n Me™ adventure series came about through my love of the old Saturday matinee movies I used to go to as a kid.  That was back in WWII so you can see I’m a little long in the tooth. Those movies were what they called serials where you saw a little bit of each adventure every Saturday and you kept going back to see what else was going to happen.  They were nearly always westerns and that’s where I developed my love for cowboy lingo.” It continues with, “…I want to take you on some of those Saturday matinee kinds of adventures with me. Join me as I open up your imagination and take you on adventure after adventure in search of great treasures.”

Can you see dear readers why my heart was captured so? How I have slight fallen in love with the author? Branton’s stories are filled with the jargon I would hear from my own Montana Grandpa’s mouth such as “long in the tooth” and “bright eyed and bushy-tailed”. I just heave a literary sigh of delight, of contentment, and of being back in a different time of my life when I am reading these stories.

Literary lovelies if you are looking for an adventure of old with pure joy and entertainment, like you are visiting a Saturday matinee in the best part of your youth, then this is the book for you!

I heart Branton Holmberg’s The Monastery Treasure Adventure feat. Sam n’ Me this much:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.5

You can purchase this story here along with many other Sam n’ Me adventures!

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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