To judge a book by its…

cover? Surely not!

Well dear readers, my short but sweet blog post is coming to you hot with what I like to call “Now you like me, now you won’t”.  I kid! Or perhaps I do not…

It is literary confession time! I do judge books by their covers! I let that rip off just like a band-aid! Judge me and I will take it.

I love a good book, no matter what it is wrapped in. But I also love a well done book cover! If you are going to stay on my shelf with me for all your days, I would like if you meet my personal aesthetic. A cover has the ability to grab your attention, to make you pick it up, and to symbolize the importance of the story. Is it just too much to ask that if I love the story so much, I would equally want to love the cover?

I can hear you all say in a forced whisper, “YES!

I have always wondered why and struggled with the idea of publishers putting out edition after edition of the same novel. But now that I am curating my forever library, I can see why. As I mentioned above if I want a novel to stay on my shelf for the rest of my days, I want the cover to be as beautiful as the story.

I may be a bit literarily shallow and vain, but I am laying myself bare to you dear readers. I have vowed to always be honest as my blogger moniker states. I hope you will take me as I am and perhaps type your literary confessions in the comments below. I will never judge you! I wish you all well!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: This post leads me to ask you: do you buy multiple editions of your favourite books?  Here is my latest edition of Sense and Sensibility. It makes #4 in my collection.

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