My Summer = Mystery/Thrillers

Hello again dear readers!

I usually am not one to create a quick post about a book I have yet to read, BUT there is a great opportunity/kindle promo for a book which I would definitely grab (and did!) for my summer TBR! I consider this book a “just what I need read!”

The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club by Holly Tierney-Bedord


**Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

It’s been five years since the idyllic oceanside community of Port Elspeth was rocked by tragedy. Shortly after their high school graduation, Evangeline Maddingly, daughter of one of the town’s wealthiest old-money families, and Oliver Prescott, son of one of the town’s wealthiest new-money families, were found dead in an isolated cabin in the woods outside of town. The circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths are murky at best, thanks in large part to a sweeping effort from those in power to shut down any negative publicity that could harm the reputation of their pristine community.

Five years later, a small group of strangers gathers to create jewelry for one of Port Elspeth’s many fundraisers. Before long, friendships are forming and old secrets are being revealed. Along with discovering how to make a perfect pair of chandelier earrings or cabochon necklace, this unlikely team of sleuths finds themselves at the heart of solving the murders that took place half a decade earlier.

When this book was brought to my attention it was because of the following saying: “a group of women who form a jewelry club and become unlikely sleuths”! Now, literary lovelies who wouldn’t want to read that?!?

You can get this kindle e-book free Worldwide on Amazon till June 18th!

Amazon UK link here.

Amazon US link here.

IF you’re in Canada like me, the US link will redirect you to the right spot!

As I mentioned above dear readers, I am usually not one to recommend a book I have not read, BUT this book is right up my literary alley! I hope you enjoy it and I will update this post once I’ve read the book!

Let me know your thoughts after you read it as it looks perfect for the summer! (I sang that last part of the sentence!)


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What are your favourite summer genres? Mystery/Thrillers are mine!


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