Fish Eyes for Pearls – Review


Goodreads Synopsis:

“An absolutely brilliant and singularly indescribable book, Fish Eyes for Pearls is an extraordinary journey into a woman’s life. One of the bravest, most unique and compelling self-examinations I have ever read- I was blown away!”- Henry Jaglom

The phrase ‘fish eyes for pearls’ is coined in an ancient book of internal alchemy, prompting the question, in this world veiled in illusion, how does one discern the precious from the common or worthless? And then, how might the ordinary be transformed into something extraordinary?

Lead on a mission to gather and liberate ghosts, the artist navigates the thorny, humbling landscape of relationships, society, and the unseen realms with canvas, words, and camera lens, she turns life into art and art into a life.

My Favourite Quotes:


“A realization, would soon however, challenge my perception, change my course. It would pass so quietly, yet would shake foundations.”

“Such is the dynamic between fact and fiction. The metaphor, the story, is the essential, like Jacob’s ladder. Make believe. Believe and make. The intersection of art and life.”

“Irony from certain angles is lyrical, and from others, just cruel.”

“But sometimes, the delicate threads that connect us are also knots to untangle. And knots cannot be forced, only gently massaged, patiently loosened.”

“Venturing too close to closeness is to be swallowed by the collective conscious – the romantic relation-ship-wreck of projections, expectations and roles that most mortals can not withstand intact.”

My Thoughts:

I sit here my fingers desperately trying to pin down the pieces of what feels like my exploded consciousness after having read what I can only describe as what pure art would be put to page. If you took the chaotic beauty of an actual piece of art, Masha Savitz in my opinion being the actual embodiment of living art, and forced it into words it would culminate in this book.

I do not know how to best give justice to how profound I found her work. I’m fragmented by it and perhaps by sharing with you the realizations that struck me as I read it in bullet point, might somehow be the best way I can share it:

  • I was struck with how her prose are art unto themselves. I found myself writing down quote after quote till my fingers cramped and all I could do was notate the page number, which became almost every page.


  • I feel like how she describes herself, is accurately describing how I have felt, how I continue to feel, but have never known how to vocalize. I feel such a kinship to her and her ideas like she is a master artist and I a lowly pupil.


  • The way she moved from story to story, from self actualization to continued self actualization in all the written forms she used, (from verse to screenplay) kept me hooked throughout her entire journey.


  • I am at a loss and yet feel like I have gained so much insight into my own life, my own perceptions of my reality and the ones constructed around me.


I am simply in awe of her work and do not what to do with myself now that I have glimpsed her mind through these pages. I am hoping that by somehow getting to know myself better through her words and her art, it will benefit my own.

Oddly I feel like seeing this work being described as a “magical realism memoir” on Amazon somehow manages to press its finger on the shifting pulse point which is a book whose identity is hard to pin down. It is so difficult to provide the words to best describe this record of her life and artistry. All I can truly offer you with this review dear readers is to point you in the direction of this novel and hope it changes your perspective on life, identity, self-expression and consciousness whether it be your own or of those around you, as it has mine.      

I heart Fish Eyes for Pearls this much:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!


You can learn more about Masha Savitz from her website here and as well as where to purchase Fish Eyes for Pearls. 


***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***




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