So many great names!


Happy July 1st to you all and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians (and to anyone who wishes to celebrate with us)!

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of an AMAZING book by a fellow Canadian, Denise Lami, (review up tomorrow!) called Lucid World. It was filled with such great wisdom and love and GREAT CHARACTER NAMES that I felt like I had to write a post for you all!

  • Kiya: I think of a cute little calico kitten!


  • Iris: I envision a sweet little brown-haired, hazel eyed pigtail-ed little girl.


  • Amasis: I can only see this has being the character from the book: sweet and charismatic!


  • Khyan: I just love this name and know I am not pronouncing it correctly which leads me to our discussion below.


Are they not just amazing? Which are your favourites literary lovelies? I look forward to your choices in the comments below.

It struck me while creating this post that I am not even sure I am pronouncing the names right! It inspired a post which will be coming next Sunday which discusses just this notion: Do we pronounce our favourite character’s the way the author intended?

I hope you tune in next Sunday to read it and give me your examples of those character names which you may mispronounce!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What is your favourite holiday? I enjoy Canada day (even though it isn’t my favourite) for all the spectacular fireworks!


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