The Pronunciation Name Game

Hello again my literary lovelies!

I hope this post finds you well and rested! Last Sunday, I discussed with you some of the literary names I fell in love with from a recent read and review called Lucid World by Denise Lami. I speculated on how there were names I have loved, BUT was pretty sure I was pronouncing them wrong in my head.

This has led me to this latest post on what happens when you find out you have been saying a character’s name wrong the WHOLE time? Sometimes this can be brought about via the book being made into a movie (the book is always better by the by), or just by hearing it being pronounced by other readers or an interview by the actual author.

There is one character name which I am pretty sure I have been pronouncing wrong my entire literary life, but I have yet to hear how it is actually supposed to be said. YET deep down in my gut, I know I am wrong, BUT I refuse to say or think of it in any other way.

The character is from one of my all time favourite fantasy novel series, which I have mentioned on more than one occasion on my blog: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.



I love EVERYTHING about this cover, but I digress. The main characters name is Cimorene.

I have pronounced Cimorene as SIM-or-in, when as we all know that ‘rene’ usually sounds like reen as in Irene. I was able to find out that the author pronounces the character’s name as SIM-oh-reen which isn’t too far off from how I pronounce it, but still hearts my ears to listen to it via its audio book.

How would you pronounce it dear readers? Has this happened to you with one of your favourite characters?

I look forward to your thoughts in the comments below!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What are you currently reading?


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