I literally had to stop reading…

… and go get myself a drink because this book was so intense!


Goodreads Synopsis:

Hollis Joplin, a death investigator with the Milton County Medical Examiner’s Office, is back on the job after being attacked and almost killed three months earlier. But he almost wishes he’d stayed home when he’s called to a scene that’s unlike any he’s ever encountered before. Libba Ann Woodridge, the young, beautiful widow of a much older Atlanta businessman, has been found in her bed, covered in blood. Blood that has spattered everything around her, including the walls and ceiling. And to make matters worse, she’s a client of Tom Halloran’s, the high-powered attorney who made Joplin’s life miserable during the murder investigation that almost killed him. 

It’s enough to make him want to go home and call in sick, especially since he’s dreading having to see Dr. Carrie Salinger again. Their budding romance was derailed by Carrie’s affair with Joplin’s best friend, Jack, who’s now dead. And then, of course, there’s that damned colostomy bag he has to wear. 

Reluctantly, Joplin is once again pulled into a collaboration with Halloran that will involve more deaths, a lot more blood, and a ruthless serial killer who may have ties to Atlanta’s art scene. They are guided by the expert hand of Jimmy Hernandez, a nationally acclaimed bloodstain expert who’s called upon to try to figure out what really happened to Libba Ann, a former beauty queen, and another young woman whose body is found behind a gas station. The scenes are eerily alike, although the victims’ circumstances couldn’t have been more different. 

While Halloran deals with members of Arliss Woodridge’s family who are trying to overturn his will, Joplin tries to discover the connection between the two women and is led to a mysterious painting found in the bedroom of a prominent doctor murdered five years earlier. As usual, they keep secrets from each other. Secrets that will ultimately put both of them—and Carrie Salinger—in grave danger once again.

My Favourite Quotes:

“… he knew that he would find a way to speak for her. She was alive, but had no memory of what had happened to her. He would be her memory.”

“…”weltschmerz,” explaining that he was at times overwhelmed by the way he thought the world should be and how it actually was…”

My Thoughts:

As the my blog post title mentions, I had to literally stop and go get my self an “adult beverage” there was just so much intensity within this novel.

From the very beginning, I could tell that the author was well versed within the world of criminal justice which was created. I even snuck to the About the Author description in the back of the book and was pleasantly surprised to find my hunch at been correct, the author has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice and worked in the investigative division of the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. This expertise creates such authenticity to her story and it was very refreshing.

From the characterization (Maggie is my favourite!) to the intricacies of the plot, this book kept me on my toes. There were so many elements within it, I had never encountered before either through other crime novels or televisions shows which gave it a fresh perspective in my eyes.

Although it can be read as a standalone novel, it is in actuality the second in a series featuring the main characters Hollis Joplin and Tom Halloran. I am a big stickler for starting a series from the very beginning, but I was pleasantly surprised at how P.L. Doss was able to elegantly weave the previous novel within the threads of the second novel to appear as though it was any other back story and not making me feel as though I had missed an entire novel! I even like how she kept back tidbits of the previous plot, to provide new readers with a sense of surprise when revealed within the current story.

I also loved how the author is able to educate the reader along the way to aspects of the Criminal Justice system within Georgia as well as the investigative department within the Medical Examiners office. There was just so much rich detail within the story from the history of forensics to the history of Atlanta itself, which made me enjoy the book so much more.

If you enjoy a great mystery novel which will keep you on your toes with plot twists that will make you literaly talk out loud, and details which are surprising real, Blood Will Tell by P.L. Doss is definitely for you!

I heart Blood Will Tell this much:

 .5 !!

You can find out more about the author as well as her other books here.

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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