Into the Deep

Hello my dearest readers,

I welcome you back to another Writing Prompt Wednesday! I came upon this prompt from Pinterest and immediately had to create a post for you all! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 6.20.08 PM.png

I watched the water ripple out from where they last were as I stood frozen, the water slowly lapping around my ankles, like measuring the seconds.  

I strained to see where they might have gone, rising onto the tips of my toes as if this movement would help me somehow see clearly into the murky depths. 

The reflection of the moonlight became spherical once more as the ripples died out as though no one had just submerged into what I could only think could be their watery graves. 

The wind urged me forward by ruffling the hair which laid in sweaty tendrils at the base of my neck. A frog croaked insisting that I make haste so as not to be left behind. But left behind from what exactly? 

I had seen them emerge from the woods like specters, heading towards the only body of water around for miles. I had been sitting on my porch, the moonlight and a lone candle my only companions.

They passed, silently, zombie-like, never appearing to notice I was there, until the last person almost passed the clearing. This lone figure paused, turned and our eyes locked. They immediately swiveled back and left the glade as I found myself rising to me feet. 

And now I was here, shin deep, in a danger of my own curiosity. Stuck between the safety of the land and the unknown of the depths below. The stillness before me was suddenly broken as a hand emerged from the water just to the wrist in a movement which could only be viewed as beckoning. 

It stayed there like a mooring post and I knew I could reach it if I just bent in half. As if reading this thought, the hand tilted as if to shake mine and I found myself tilting till our palms touched. 

The fingers surprisingly weren’t icy cold, and as its grip curled against mine I found myself having finally decided as it gently pulled me closer. I watched the hand disappear still holding mine as my arm and body followed suit. 

I held my breath as the lake met my mouth and closed my eyes to the initial watery suction. I still held the hand of the unknown and once I felt the top of my head submerge, I opened my eyes expecting darkness. What I saw was unlike anything I had every seen before.   


As always I welcome any thoughts you might have had about where I took the story, what you might have changed or where you might have taken the prompt! I hope you are all well and enjoying your July wherever you may be!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Are there any of these writing prompts you feel like I should turn into a short story perhaps?


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