Still Blushing

*** Be forewarned there are scenes of a sexual nature within these pages***

his highland lass

Goodreads Synopsis:

Arranged to marry his stepbrother, Laird Tristan Mackay cannot takes his eyes off of Lady Mairghread Sinclair. When things rapidly sour between Tristan’s stepbrother, Sir Alan, and Lady Mairghread, will there be a way to end the ongoing feud between the Mackays and Sinclairs? Unassuming and friendly, Mairghread Sinclair is not prepared for the danger that awaits her while visiting the Mackay clan. Who wants Mairghread out of the way? Why would anyone want to harm her?
Laird Tristan Mackay was not looking for a wife, but could Lady Mairghread Sinclair be the one to open his heart and bring peace to their clans or will their passion tear the two clans apart?

My Favourite Quotes:

“‘Ye ken they say that home is where ye’re from, but home is also where the heart is.  I ken that means I can have more than one home.'”

“He remembered the little girl that she was as he held the woman she had become.”

My Thoughts:

His Highland Lass by Celeste Barclay was a book that I was compelled to finish once I started. As my usual romance reads are ones that I would describe as ones of a tame sexual nature, this book really made me blush as I read the lusty moments between the main characters.

I did however fall completely head over heels for the Sinclair clan! Ladies and gents can I tell you how refreshing it was to read about these strapping men who were really kind and loving to their sister. From the father Liam to the youngest Magnus, I found myself quite in love with them all. I really hope Barclay’s next book in the series might feature one of the brothers, although I might be a tad jealous of the heroine within it then.

I also felt as though I learned a lot more about Scottish historical and cultural practises of this time period through the accounts provided by Barclay especially with regards to the general duties around the keep as well as the different aspects of clothing, particularly the men and their kilts.

This was definitely a refreshing read. Even though my cheeks are still aflame thinking about certain scenes within the book, if that is something you enjoy literary lovelies, I would definitely recommend this book for its great characterization and overall ability to grab the reader and hold them close.

I heart His Highland Lass this much:


You can find the book on Amazon here dear readers!

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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