Better Days are Coming – Review

better Days are coming

Goodreads Synopsis:

Marcy Browning, a single mother and a nurse, had donated, walked, and cared for women with breast cancer, but joining their ranks with an advanced diagnosis was a shock. Marcy draws on her public journal, her social media, and her private emails to illustrate the world of a patient, a mother, a friend – and ultimately a survivor. From the medical mazes and the undimming humor, to the hidden frustrations and the healing honesty between friends, Marcy’s communications and reflections bring you along a life-changing journey with her. Those fighting cancer, as well as their loved ones, can relate to, learn from, and be inspired by Better Days Are Coming.

My Favourite Quotes:

*** I had a hard time narrowing down quotes to add here as there was so much insight within these pages not only from Marcy herself, but from her family and friends.***

“Alan was able to convince me that ‘better days are coming’ when I was the most vulnerable to cancer and the complications of treatment. This book, titled for the hope I held onto and the wisdom I gained that confirmed it, is a collection of emails (EM), Facebook statuses and comments (FB), my online medical journal on CaringBridge (CB) and posts from my blog, Flight of a Phoenix, that were written while I was struggling through cancer and the aftereffects.They are the raw truth with unfiltered emotions, women together by my reflections written afterword.”

“Here is to hoping your roses are worth the thorns in your life.”

“I have choices and I am in control of my body. You have choices too and you are in control of your body.”

CB Post Titled: Invisible Fight: “Although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still in the tunnel and there are some dark areas with some potholes.”

“We laughed often, we cried often, we loved always” ** this was very poignant to me as this comprised my own mother’s and my experience during my struggles with depression** 

My Thoughts:

This book was terrifyingly honest and terrifyingly real. For anyone who has battled this harrowing disease within their own bodies as well as those who have stood on the sidelines doing whatever they could to coach them through it, this is an important book to be read.

Being a woman who has had two grandmother’s fight breast cancer, but having lost them both quite young, this book was an eye opener to the struggles they too would have had to endure on a road to recovery. Thank you Marcy for writing a book which could give me insight into their possible journeys through your own journey.

I currently do not have a family doctor, but am NOW actively searching for one. I haven’t had a physical in many years and I have never had a mammogram, but will NOW as soon as I find a family doctor. I am making sure I do. Our lives are important and thanks to you Marcy, I am going to make sure I actively put my health in the forefront of mine.

As terrifying as this read was for me as a woman who has a family history of breast cancer, I know that no matter the battle I might have to face in the future or whomever I will cheer on and help along the cancer battlefield, I now have a much clearer insight into what I feel is the truth behind this disease. This is all thanks to your story Marcy, your battle. Thank you for this clarity. It has put me in a better position to survive.

This was more than just a story about battling and surviving breast cancer, it has many parallels with mental health (as Marcy also struggled with depression), with those suffering from chronic pain and in my opinion with the need for increased humanity within our health care systems. Marcy’s career journey throughout her battle lent itself to this notion of humanity in health care because having been a patient as well as a nurse practitioner/RN, Marcy was able to make sure she gave and received the best standard of care possible. I think all health care systems should be have the knowledge Marcy Browning accrued having been on both sides of the proverbial hospital sheet.

I really believe this book should be read by everyone. It is very important as when asked, almost everyone has been impacted by cancer.

In conclusion (because I could talk about this book forever) I think we should all try to be a bit more like Marcy Browning! It will make our world a better place!

I heart Better Days are Coming: Surviving Breast Cancer this much:


You can buy Better Days are Coming: Surviving Breast Cancer by Marcy Browning from Amazon here!

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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