May I have your assistance please?

Dear Readers,

I find myself in a writing limbo of sorts for my latest novel, where I know the plot details, my characters and their descriptions (for the most part – see below), BUT I am stuck on their names! I am shocked to say the least as character names are one of my favourite aspects of writing.

I have never been stuck for names before. The character is usually quite decisive in their monikers, but alas the two “main characters” are being quite silent on the matter. So I am asking for your assistance with some name ideas if you do not mind.

Let me set the stage for you without giving too much away:

Genre wise it is post-apocalyptic young adult. (Insert eye roll here – the genre chose me!)

The protagonist (17 years old) has been separated from her family and finds herself trying to figure out how to regain what she has lost. I never like to classify my characters as belonging to any particular race so therefore all I can provide you with is that she has medium length brown hair and brown eyes.

Along her journey she becomes acquainted with a male (17 years old) who comes across as an Adonis type where he banks off of the fact that his looks play a major role in him achieving exactly what he wants. I have no real physical descriptors for him as I feel his name might lend to that. He is not a horrible person by any means, but uses whatever tools he has in order to achieve his end goals.

Romantically there is nothing between them even though he wants there to be. She has a mission that nothing will sway her from.

I was initially pulled towards names that start with a W for her, but have since come up short. As for him, I cannot even pin a name down long enough for it to stick.

I really hope you literary lovelies might have some ideas and that you might just hit upon the perfect one! I look forward to your comments below.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: I initially was calling her Weary. Thoughts?



2 thoughts on “May I have your assistance please?

  1. Weary could work if you change the spelling so it’s not associated with the emotion so much. Or here’s a few others: Willow, Wren, Winter, Wynn. He sounds like a Rio or Jason. Good luck with your novel, hopefully they will tell you their names soon!


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