The Tree That Grew Through Iron – Book Review

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Goodreads Synopsis:

The natural world was dead. Archaic gods and legends withered away, forgotten by mankind in their lust for industrial advancement. The Time Fathers of Panagea kept their divisions’ times in check, but they couldn’t keep the land from crumbling beneath their feet. 

Nicholai Addihein rules the Southeastern division’s world of coal, steam, and iron. An impulsive decision soon bucks him from his status as a respected leader when he stops his division’s time to save his love, Lilac, from an untimely death. He finds committing the ultimate taboo comes with the ultimate punishment: the Time Fathers want him killed, and the already fragile earth deteriorates even faster, leaving millions dead. 

Falling from grace lands Nicholai in the company of Captain Kazuaki Hidataka and his crew of outcasts. While safe from the Time Fathers at sea, Nicholai is at the mercy of the captain and his crew. But when a discovery unveils the existence of the last Earth Mother, Umbriel, and the foundation of lies in which the Time Fathers are built, an uprising begins. Through bloodshed and revolution, there is no good or bad: only doing what one thinks is right. 

The Tree That Grew Through Iron showcases the intricate balance of mankind’s relationship with his environment, and himself.

My Favourite Quotes:

**I am limiting myself to five quotes although I have over FIVE pages in my notebook!** 

“There was a knock at the door, almost inaudible between the high-pitched screams of old wood creaking under the force of an unforgiving sea.”

“Kazuaki never surmised why men recorded as much of their history as they did, being the vast majority of it was unflattering.”

“‘I’ve enjoyed hearing all of your tales. There’s a magic to what makes a person who they are; though you’ve all faced terrible adversities, I find you to be wonderful people.'”

“‘Man covets immortality, and yet all you see with everlasting eyes is everlasting nightmares.'”

“‘Revi, you told me once that time rarely ever solves your problems, no matter how much of it you have,’ Nicholai stood, unable to tear his eyes away from his home division. ‘Do you still believe that?’ Revi shrugged. ‘I do.’ He followed Nicholai’s eyes to Southeastern. ‘But as time goes on, it becomes less about waiting for the problem to solve itself… and more about waiting for your head and your heart to accept the knowledge it won’t. Only then does it become clear what you have to do.'”

My Thoughts:

Firstly, reading this novel felt like the first time I read amazing books such as the Hunger Games and The Unwind Dystology; I felt enveloped within it and I never wanted to leave. Like both of the series I mentioned, if the second book was available I would have been buying it on my Kindle at 1 AM when I finished the first book in the series. This book was that great in my opinion! Even though it is not considered Young Adult genre-wise as the examples I liken it to, it packs that same punch of getting right to the heart of the reader.

Secondly, I have to mention how much I love the character names within this novel! Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows how much I love literary names! (There definitely will be a post based on the names from this novel coming soon!) They are some of my all time favourites! They not only match the amazing genre of the novel, but the attributes of the characters themselves. I am majorly crushing on this book.

I was awed by this book. It had all the elements in it which make a perfect read for me:

  • The theme within the novel of their world Panagea, (written as a world with an alternative history from our own but also provides a view into our possible future) was so well written!
  • The world building was beyond amazing with a rich history that folded out for the reader perfectly throughout the book.
  • The characters were well-developed and flawed which is so important to me as a reader.
  • Oh the plot twists!
  • I love storytelling from multiple POVs!

I think this book is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy! I also feel like The Tree That Grew Through Iron is the perfect read for those “adults” who are looking for more “mature” versions of the YA books we loved growing up (or in their mid twenties! I might be telling my age here a bit dear readers!) I even think it would be enjoyed by younger readers as well, if they are not squeamish when it comes to battle scenes.

This book was so well done, I just can not wait for the second in the series!

I heart The Tree That Grew Through Iron this much:


You can find out more about the McKenzie Austin from her website here and buy her book from Amazon!

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***

Postscript: I apologize for the chaotic nature of this post as I am still reeling from finishing this book!

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