Laerka – Review

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Laerka is a Southern Gothic tale of rescue. It features a group of teenagers and a Russian crime ring that sells girls to night clubs in Savannah, Georgia. One particular victim, Laerka, is a Danish girl who transforms into a mermaid when in water. Her pursuer, the crime boss, changes into a “Vodyanoy” dragon when he is on the hunt. Stella Delaney finds the first victim of the crime ring floating face down in the marsh. Can she save Learka from this same fate? Is she in danger, herself? And could Laerka be a crook herself? She and the traffickers share the same prison tattoo. So who, in this forbidding landscape, can be trusted?

My Favourite Quotes:

*** I have failed you here dearest readers and author Laura Matthias Bendoly as my book which I take quotes down in was lost while on my cottage vacation! I lay my head down in shame and give my deepest apologies! ***

My Thoughts:

From the most stunning cover I have ever laid my eyes upon, comes an equally stunning tale which mixes fantastical elements with all the all to real monsters of human trafficking.

The setting of the novel spoke to my heart as I have visited Savannah Georgia in the past and think it is the perfect location for a tale such as the one weaved within these pages.

The main character, Stella, although sixteen in the novel is a strong and well-developed character. I feel like she is a great role model for teenage readers, from her work ethic to her need to help those in need after witnessing a woman jump from a passing cargo ship.

I was also intrigued by Laerka’s dress and how it played its own role in altering not only the outward perception of the wearer, but their inward perception as well.

There were definitely some elements I wished could have been fleshed out more as I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing. My need for more does not mean the book was lacking in any way, it is just that I want more!

If you are looking for a novel which mixes strength of character, real life situations, and mythical elements together to instantly pull you into the story, this book is definitely for you!

I heart Laerka this much:


You can find out more about Laerka from the FB page: LauraMatthiasBendoly

Purchase Laerka from Amazon here!

And learn more about the author from her blog:

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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