To Keep a Butterfly from Flying – Review


Amazon Synopsis:

How to Keep a Butterfly from Flying is about a young woman’s journey to freedom. Cynthia is trapped in a relationship pulled with deceit. Her only escape from her cage is to work on a cruise ship. Her ticket out of town is her job as a hairdresser. Shortly before she leaves to start her new adventure her entire world is slipped upside down. Her instincts lead her to finding out the truth about her partner. Stuck in denial about the man she thought she knew. She must find her way out of denial in order to face the reality of the relationships demise. She is given a chance to follow her dreams of traveling the world and changing her perspective. Without looking back she takes her opportunity.

My Favourite Quotes:

“I’ve found that in order to figure things out, sometimes everything has to fall apart.”

“She talked of how she herself overcame tragedy in her life. In doing so it made me see that everyone struggles, but your struggle doesn’t have to define who you are.”

“I have often reminded myself of this, because it feels like a dream that I took one idea and turned it into the most beautiful reality.”

“It’s interesting how one ripple can turn into one very large storm.”

“I couldn’t ignore all my revelations just because of my pride.”

My Thoughts:

I felt very much that the book as well as myself followed a similar trajectory as the author on the ship. How perceptions and attitudes can be like a buoy, where the waters can be calm and sometimes choppy depending on those people and places we meet as we travel within our own lives.

I have never personally been on a cruise, but I think this book is very important to highlight how hard the crew work to provide you with the best vacation possible. I really enjoyed learning more about different cultures along with the author.

I’d be very interested in seeing the original manuscript and to have followed the editing process of this book, as I would have liked to learn more about those pieces left behind. It felt a bit too condensed to me and there were moments which were alluded to, but never fleshed out, (for instance Ted; as well as Ted and her brother beginning to hang out especially after what we found about Ted at the beginning of the story – or maybe I am just reading into something…).

I felt refreshed by her clarity in the last page entitled, ‘The Aftermath’, but I was left wanting to know more about her life post ship. I would like to know how she is currently doing with her “And she lived happily ever after…”

I heart To Keep a Butterfly from Flying this much:

♥ .5 !

You can purchase To Keep a Butterfly from Flying from Amazon!

***Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review***


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