The Watcher

Writing Prompt Wednesday, we meet again!

Hello, literary lovelies.

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“How did this get here?” My voice whispers to no one beyond my solitary self.

Two thoughts emerge simultaneously:

It couldn’t have fallen from my desk it’s all the way across the room.

And on its heels, I’ve never seen paper quite like this before. As my fingers caress cardstock with what appears to be tiny flower petals woven within it.

My curiosity slides the folded note open, my eyes are met by a scrawled yet elegant inky script.


I can’t wait any longer. You’ve started to whisper my name in your sleep. 

It confuses me. How can you know the name of your watcher if we are forbidden to meet? You don’t even know I exist or the realm which I inhabit.  

It’s starting to make me question everything. The rules? The realm? The reason I was placed here in the first place. 

You must be in danger. Strictly watch was all I was told. Never ever engage. 

But I must do something, even though there is no one left to consult on the matter. 

I will know the moment you are reading this. Please don’t be frightened when I open the closet door. 


My neck snaps up, catching my reflection in the mirror nailed to my closet, as the door handle to it begins to turn.



Honestly Austen

Postscript: Do you have any writing prompt suggestions for next week, dear readers?


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