November ends…

… and December begins!

Hello Dear Readers,

I slightly regret the exclamation mark which I placed just two lines above. I will not take it away though, even if I am not sure it belongs there.

December might definitely be a month which delivers on the exclamation mark, due to the holiday-inspired nature of the month itself. I will get back to you at the end with an update.

How is your month starting out darlings? What are some of the December possibilities which might make it an exclamation driven month for you?

Mine might/will hopefully include:

  1. Filling my mind with all books Christmas and romance themed. (I only let myself read these lovely heart-warming books at this time of year!)
  2. Travelling home for Christmas to a place of ice and snow where the world looks so much more beautiful when viewed over a cup of hot tea.
  3. Family games filled with a lot of duplicity and laughter!
  4. All the holiday drinks I can handle!
  5. Catching up with old friends!
  6. Watching people open up those gifts which you lovingly wrapped (although terribly and with a LOT of tape).
  7. HALLMARK made for television movies! You read that correctly my loves. They have this weird place in my heart which I cannot deny! They are terrible but manage to make the season a bit more cheery and bright.

I’m leaving my list at an odd number which is affecting my slight OCD tendencies (and I know we all smirked at the use of the word ‘slight’), but as I left the exclamation mark above, I am going to leave it at seven.

I will also update you on whether I somehow make it eight!

May the holidays be everything you need them to be, whether you are dousing yourself in eggnog, surrounding yourself with food and family or filling yourself up with literature you love!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Here is a photo which perfectly sums up part of my wacky family from last Christmas.



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