The Emissary – Review


Goodreads Synopsis:

When the world collapses from a Golden Age into one of chaos and strife, mankind’s salvation lies in the hands of eternal Emissaries― guardians chosen to protect the secrets of a sacred, ancient civilization and to guide humanity back to enlightenment even as its darkest hour approaches.

A timeless tale of love reborn through the ages.

Marcus and Theron are two lovers bound by an eternal and unshakable bond. As a series of catastrophic events nearly destroys their world, the two along with a chosen few become Emissaries destined, over the course of 13,000 years and through many reincarnations, to lead humanity into an era of peace and prosperity as foretold by the Elders of their race. But the forces of evil have taken possession of one man, Helghul, who relentlessly pursues Marcus and Theron through time, determined to destroy them and ruin all hope for salvation. The Emissary tracks Marcus’s epic adventure across centuries of human civilization to present day, where envoys of darkness gather threatening to bury the life-giving secrets of Atitala forever.

Good and evil come to blows and the future of mankind hangs in the balance.

“For every soul there is a theme, a path that must be followed, lessons that must be learned…”

My Favourite Quotes:

“The trio had no idea their adventure would set in motion a series of events that would completely alter the people they would become.”

“‘At least the probability is increased by our efforts even if the outcome is not ours to decide,’ Marcus said.”

“Many lifetimes passed in which he failed to find her, where their destinies did not converge or they perhaps missed each other by hours, minutes, or seconds.”

“He searched for Theron, incarnation after incarnation, only to discover the many forms of their love would take and how many more ways he would learn to love.”

“Her past lives were like hazy dream recollections, bits and pieces of pictures torn up and scattered, which she painstakingly tried to reassemble with the unpredictable assistance of her Marcus-brain.”

My Thoughts:

Where shall we start dear readers?

First of all, I just want to mention that before the novel even starts the authors provide us with a quote by Eckhart Tolle which sets up the story perfectly:

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle

I instantly found myself drawn into the story from Chapter One and was even more pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail as well as vivid description provided by the authors in the backstory of the main character prior to the life we witness at the outset of the novel. The authors have a great way of weaving in important aspects and definitions which are essential for the reader to know, without losing the magic of the novel itself.

As much as I enjoyed this novel and felt like there are many concepts (I want to read all the books in their bibliography!) which are important for our society to read about from Jung on Synchronicity to the Ica Stones, there were a few aspects of the storyline which hit too hard personally for me as a reader. Those aspects being the level of brutality and death within certain parts of the story.

I do understand the need for such brutality to juxtapose the darkness and the light; the needed depravity to shock not only the main character to the core but the reader also. I can recognize that we not only needed to see the fall of such a great age and consciousness but somehow feel it as well. Yet it was too much for me personally.

I found myself racing towards the end of the book, not wholly because I couldn’t put it down but because I had to, my heart could not take the pain and loss anymore. This is an important story to be read, but I will warn you, dear readers, to guard your heart when you read some of the events within these pages. Thankfully the beauty outshines the darkness.

I heart The Emissary (One Great Year, #1) this much:



You can find out more about The Emissary at their website!

You can watch their book trailer on Youtube!

You can purchase The Emissary from Amazon here!



*** Copy received from the authors in exchange for an honest review ***


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