Where have I gone?

An excellent question Dear Readers,

One I am asking on your behalf (haha) in the wake of not having posted in quite some time.

Let’s catch up on what we have and have not been doing as of late.

I have not been writing… anything. (Not even a couple of sentences in a writing prompt!) I find myself starting a new writing project only to have it fall by the wayside. Usually, I subscribe to the notion that if I cannot continue on a writing project it is because it is not the time for the project to be written.

Which leaves me feeling like perhaps I am not meant to be writing at all right now (head held in hands with a deep sigh). Which can’t possibly be true! Right? (This is where I might need to be bolstered haha)

Tell me what do you do literary lovelies when you have fallen beneath the keys of the typewriters of your minds? Do you just get comfy, knowing at one point you will find yourself climbing back out?

I welcome any comments or suggestions below!

As always I wish you all well and hope to find myself bitten once more by the writing bug. (The only bug bite we welcome!)


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Thankfully I am not also in a reading slump.


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