Splintered Trust – Review

Again we have another review by an author whose name you might recognize dear readers! You can find my review for the first book in this series Splintered Courage here!


Goodreads Synopsis:

Trust: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.

What happens when the one you irrevocably trust betrays you in the worst possible way? That trust is shattered. Annihilated. Nada. Gone

I had surrendered and gave in. I opened myself to endless possibilities only to be suffocated by my own worst fears. I let him love me, and in turn, I let him destroy me.

This is my story after the bliss faded away. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well, I didn’t need to be stronger. I needed him.

Gemma, Weston, and the Taylorton boy’s story continue in Splintered Trust.

Please note Splintered Trust is a young adult contemporary romance that deals with first love, coming of age, and new adult beginnings. It also includes social issues, family issues, mild violence, strong language, sexual situations and content, dark themes, suspense. It may portray mc romance themes including abduction, kidnapping, and violence. The book also depicts the following themes: passion, desire, flirt, m/f, sex, and lust. This book is a work of fiction that may include real locations as well as fictional locations. All of the characters are fictional.

My Favourite Quotes:

For some reason, my highlights were lost on my kindle! UGH!

So all I can type is how much I loved the text conversations between the characters using quotes as communication! There are some AMAZING quotes used in this book!

My Thoughts:

Well, literary lovelies I was brought back to Taylorton, Texas in the second book of this series and I was not disappointed.

Splintered Courage was fast paced and had the perfect amount of twists and turns to keep me hooked as a reader. The ending actually shocked me and I am eager for the next book in the series. There better be a next book in the series J.E. Sawyer!

One of my favourite elements within the story is the author’s use of quotes as text messages between the characters! I am a big quote fan so this really spoke to my heart and I found myself really enjoying quotes I had never heard of before and the flawless way she used them to communicate.

To intentionally sound like a broken record, my goodness are these fictional men worthy of fallen in love with over and over again. I had a favourite character in Splintered Courage but I think I might now have two with this second novel. (Is it okay to be infatuated with brothers? No matter what you say its already too late!)

My only one pause within the story is from time to time there is a bit of a possessive element between two of the male characters (father and lover) with the sole female character. All of the male characters in the story are protective of Gemma, but once, in particular, I felt like it was a bit much. Within the bounds of the storyline, I can see that they would all be extra vigilant with her safety but at one time it felt a little more excessive. This does not change my opinion of the story or the characters in any way in the slightest. Just the one scene sent a tiny red flag to the overzealous feminist in me that is usually quite quiet these days.

As per usual I was gripped by J.E. Sawyers writing and characters and recommend this to any reader who needs to feel like they are really submerged into a storyline and are ready to fall head over heels for some great literary men!

I heart Splintered Courage this much:

♥.5 !!

You can purchase from Amazon both Splintered Courage and Splintered Trust.

You can find out more about J.E. Sawyer from:

Her website: jesawyer-author.com

Twitter: Twitter.com/JESawyer2

Instagram: Instagram.com/je.sawyer/

FB: Facebook.com/jesawyer2/

*** Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review ***


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