Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday


So what do you do when you are feeling more at the bottom of your emotional well than usual dear readers?

I have my usual tricks: my favourite movies, my favourite books (even if it is just reading my favourite passages – I’m looking at you Captain Wentworth’s letter from Persuasion), and talking things out with my favourite people.

This proverbial bag of tricks hasn’t been helping as much as usual and I have found I am being even harder on myself than ever. So I am going to try and write myself a bit of a self-love Sunday note.



You are more than your faults.

You are more than those thoughts inside of you telling you otherwise.

You may not be able to always dismiss them but you can contradict them with what you know to be true.

You are hope.

Let it continue to guide you towards a future different from the now you currently reside in. 

with love,



If you could write yourself a little self-love note literary lovelies what might you say to yourself? What about you can you champion today?

As always I would love to hear from you in the comment below. I am grateful for all of you who continue to read my writing. May you experience a lot or even a little self-love for yourself today.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Anyone reading a great book right now? Or a great article? Magazine or podcast? I am all ears (actually all eyes)!



2 thoughts on “Before the month is out let’s try another Self-Love Sunday

  1. I think that’s a wonderful note. It’s hard to dismiss those voices, but as you say–we can confront them with what we know to be true.

    As for me…when I’m struggling, I’ve been known to read the monologue from Cyrano de Bergerac–Act II, Scene 8, Lowell Bair translation:

    “I prefer to lead a different kind of life. I sing, dream, laugh, and go where I please, alone and free. My eyes see clearly and my voice is strong. I’m quarrelsome or benign as it suits my pleasure, always ready to fight a duel or write a poem at the drop of a hat. I dream of flying to the moon but give no thought to fame or fortune. I write only what comes out of myself, and I make it my modest rule to be satisfied with whatever flowers, fruit, or even leaves I gather, as long as they’re from my own garden.”

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