Writing Prompted Me Wednesday

Hello, literary lovelies,

Today I bring you not a specifically prompted piece of writing but one where I got up to get a cup of tea and the scene flashed before me.

I can’t say where it came from. I wasn’t watching anything at the time which has really any connection at all to the story I was compelled to write. But as always I am thankful for having a notebook around so I could catch it in its rough form and write it down.

So today’s Writing Prompt Wednesday is more of a twist where it wasn’t a prompt I found on Pinterest but a prompt from my own thoughts to be written down. Essentially it prompted me.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Honestly Austen

I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to her, you know when you just slightly repeat what they say with a noncommittal nod or shrug.

It wasn’t until she repeated her words with more of grit behind her teeth that they filtered into my consciousness.

“Did you say, it’s a pocket of time?”

“Yes,” she muttered on a sigh.

“Like a pocket, I reach into of time? T-h-y-me, time?” I had to spell it out because not only had I not been paying attention to our conversation whatever she had been referencing had gone right over my head.

“Not T-h-y-me, time. But T-I-M-E, time. And it’s not a pocket like in your clothes but more spherical in shape.”

“A ball of time then?” I still wasn’t completely grasping the concept she was attempting to relay but I felt myself getting warmer.

“Whatever you want to call it.”

“What can I do with this ball of time?” My hands automatically air quoted the word ball.

“You really weren’t listening to a word I was saying were you?” Her head swivelled on her neck as though she was trying to relieve herself of a neck kink. The kink was in reality me.

“Can I use it to go back in time?” My mind was trying to connect the dots.

“Yes.” Her eyes sparked.

“Any time?”

“Only to a specific time in your life.” She looked at me like this was where she might lose me again.

“And change it?” My next logical thought tumbled from my mouth.


“Then what’s the point?” I was starting to tire of this conversation.

She placed her hands on either side of my arms and leaned in closer, our noses an inch from one another. I never realized how the flecks of green in her eyes made the dark blue look like a night sky, the green like stars. “So you can see it again. See it differently. Change your perception of how you thought it happened.”

Her pupil dilated like a black hole and I had to look away so I wasn’t sucked completely in, “And what do you think that will accomplish? What benefit do I get from it? What if it is exactly what I remembered?”

“What if it’s not,” She whispered to the darkness in my soul.

She knew I had a specific moment in mind. She knew it before she introduced whatever this pocket of time nonsense was to me.

“Going back. Having to relive it, feel it, won’t change a thing.” Something started bubbling up inside of me.

“You could go back, slow it down and see it from every angle.” She annunciated every angle slowly to combat the boiling she sensed inside of me.

“Every angle? So I’m not in my own body?”

I thought I imagined the big bang in her starry eyes. That moment where her mind had birthed in me more than just a secret, a twist in our time continuum, a new form of existence. A release from a past relived in my mind over and over again from only one point of view.

If I could somehow see it differently, would it change a thing?

And as if reading my mind she cooed, “It could change everything.”


Postscript: Is there any point in your life where you might want to go back for a second look?





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