I just realized I missed a…

… Self Love Sunday for May.

I can’t really say I am all that surprised as May has been a bit of a difficult month for me. (Haven’t they all? You ask. My reply: as of 2019, yes.)

Even though I strive to be as honest as I can on my blog (it’s why “honestly” is in the title for goodness sake), I find myself pulling away from sharing the tough things which I know everyone struggles with at some point in their life, anxiety and depression.

I would like to say usually I am one to roll with the punches but for some reason, as of late I have been taking a little too many on the chin. My hands aren’t up in defence as they usually are and I am not even jabbing back with a few uppercuts of my own.

So I find writing a Self Love Sunday to myself this month extremely tricky as Anxiety sits on my one shoulder and depression on the other, neither one of them playing the angel role.

But I want to at least address one of them with a short note because they are in reality a part of me and I have to find a way to love them as well.

So here goes:

Dear Anxiety in me,

You might have noticed that I am barely treading water over here as you continue to swirl around me threatening to pull me under.

You know I have a fear of the water so manifesting yourself in a way which makes me feel as though I am constantly drowning is indeed a dirty trick to play.

But I know that even in your icy attempt to swallow me whole, I am in fact keeping my head up. You are making my legs stronger battling your riptides.

And I must confess I take courage in the strength that we are apart of the same entity though you continue to try and drown me.

Even if the part of me which is you is powerful, I will not let you destroy us. I might just surprise you by finding a way to love us both through this and perhaps realizing I am not all that afraid of your tides.

Earnestly Yours,




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