Wisps of curls now lying dormant on her shoulders – Writing Prompt Wednesday

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As her picture flashed on the screen he was brought back to the moment on the street.

He had noticed her coming towards him from half a block away. It was her hair which caught his attention first as the loose curls spiralled outward against the wind in a form of rebellion. She had a hat pulled tightly down almost to her brows which obscured any onlooker from even daring to peek into her eyes.

He would have looked away too if an errant hair hadn’t gone against the others and stuck itself to her face. Her fingers were lithe in snaking from her pocket to detach the rogue piece and that motion brought his eyes to hers. They might have at one point been called cornflower blue but with the clouds hovering low they took on the appearance of a steely grey.

It had been seconds not minutes till she passed him. In all honesty, he had completely forgotten about her until the photo popped up on the evening news of a missing woman whose blue eyes were now strikingly floral in nature and wisps of curls now lying dormant on her shoulders.

The piece of paper which had been mysteriously found in his coat pocket this afternoon almost pulsated in the light from the television screen.

Had she passed close enough to place it there? Was it just his imagination or did their elbows touch for even a fraction of a second?

The words had appeared meaningless at first. A joke by one of his co-workers. Now they took on a slightly sinister meaning alongside the face of a woman reported missing before him:

Careful. You’re next. 



Hello Literary Lovelies,

I felt such satisfaction with this writing prompt Wednesday. Even though I finished it where I did my mind is still reeling about who she could be and what has happened to her.

What are your thoughts? Has she come to some sort of danger? Is she a spy?

Where would you have taken this writing prompt?

I long to know your thoughts in the comment below!

I shall leave you here as my time for writing is coming to an end with my niece waking up from her nap. I wish you all a wonderful and happy Wednesday!


Honestly Austen


Where do you think this story should take place?


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