A Few of my Favourites – Authors Edition

Dear Readers,

It is becoming a pattern I am afraid, where I find the strength or some creative energy finds me and I write a lovely post only to disappear again. Where do I go? Mostly to become a vegetable in my room binge watching some tv series (currently Midsomer Murders – let’s not get me started on my love of the British/Scottish/Irish accent).

I have been thinking about a few of my favourite authors and wanted to share them with you and hope that you, in turn, would share a few of your favourites with me. I am always and I mean ALWAYS on the lookout for more favourites. (Even though it wasn’t part of my generation when it comes to discovering new authors I really feel that whole Pokemon thing – gotta catch ’em all.)

Let’s imagine we are going to travel together on the subway map which is my favourite literary authors. Make sure you mind the gap and have your book ready to read along the journey.

As you may or may not know (wink, wink) Jane Austen should be our first stop. I adore her and am addicted to almost every BBC drama adaptation of her books. My favourites absolute favourites of her books are Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. I do enjoy Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice but when it comes to my Austen order they are respective at number three and four. Followed by Emma and finally Mansfield Park.


My next favourite author stop would have to be Mary Balogh! Her series which all start with “Someone to…” have been some of the best books to pull me out of reading slumps. I have literally laughed out loud, cried (which NEVER happens) and gasped to the point of choking. I also love that her work was introduced to me by my mother who knew of Mary Balogh as she taught one of my Uncles. (What a small world!)

Someone to Love is the first in the series!

Someone to Love is the first in the series!

My last literary stop for the purpose of this blog post will be with The Panagea Tales by McKenzie Austin! I was introduced to this author and her amazing novels when she requested a review from me for her first book in the series The Tree that Grew Through Iron. You can find the review here. To say I have become obsessed with her books and characters is an understatement. I feel like her indie author status needs to be catapulted to author stardom as I feel like her work should sit on the shelf beside series such as Crooked Kingdom which has been blowing up our literary world. Her ability to create a world which is so detailed and characters which you can’t help but love (no matter their motives and deeds) makes her the perfect author to keep you gripped to the pages of her books.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

I hope you have enjoyed this short but sweet post of some of my current favourite authors.

As I mentioned above I would love to know a few of your favourites in the comments below!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: As summer is almost here I would love to know if you have specific genres you like to read in the heat?

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