Who Wore it Best Wednesday – Series Edition

I realized I have yet to do a Who Wore it Best Wednesday where the literary red carpet is walked by the books in a series and not just one single book. How has this happened?

There are so many books I could do this with from Harry Potter to anything and everything by Jane Austen. But since I am currently obsessed with Mary Balogh (yay summertime romance reading!) I am going to showcase the books in her series “Someone to…”

The contenders are:

Someone to Love, Someone to Hold, Someone to Wed, Someone to Care & Someone to Trust.

I am making sure they are all from the same publisher (Berkley) as you can imagine the increased difficulty it would take for me to choose if I mixed up publishers and their often unique cover art.

(**I would also like to mention to you lovely readers that if you click on the photos you will be taken to Goodreads where you can learn more about what each book is about!)

Let’s have them walk the carpet one by one:




someone to wed

someone to care

someone to trust


Firstly there is just something about these covers that I love, especially the last three where the main characters featured in each novel have their backs to you. Sometimes I find that my imagined description of the character from the author’s description clashes with the model on the front.

I feel this way about the character from Someone to Love BUT I feel like the profile of Someone to Hold captures Camille from the book perfectly. I loved imaging the woman gracing the cover as Camille throughout the book.

Just seeing the daffodils on the cover of Someone to Wed makes my heart swoon for a reread of this book. Someone to Care probably has one of the best feels from story to cover and Someone to Trust has me right in the feels as I love Christmas inspired romance.






I kept flip-flopping in my choice dear readers! But I had to go with my heart and pick Someone to Hold. Of all the books in the series, this one might just be one of my favourites as I was shocked how much my opinion changed of the characters through the wonderful writing of Mary Balogh. I also feel like the swans have such a transformative feel to how the story turns out and I wonder if that was intentional by the cover artist.

Which would be your choice literary lovelies?

I shall leave you here and wish you all a wonderful Wednesday.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Who would like to be featured next for Who Wore it Best Wednesday – Series Edition?




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