Discussion: What should or shouldn’t be on a book cover?

Dear Readers,

A topic has come to my attention which I would like to discuss with you:

What does and doesn’t belong on a book cover in your opinion?

Are you okay with quotes from reviews? If so does it matter if they are from other popular authors or newspapers or other publications forms?

Are you okay with stickers on the cover? Whether they be those price reductions or ones like Indigo’s “Heather’s Pick”.

How about those honourary emblems from winning awards or the popularity brought about by a celebrity book club?


In my opinion, I would rather not have such things cluttering up my book cover. I can live with stickers if they can be easily removed but I hate when they are the super sticky adhesive variety that leaves that scum you just can’t seem to scrape off.

I love knowing a book has won an award or been made popular by a celebrity book club but I would rather not have it printed on the cover. I feel like it ruins the wonderful work of the cover art. Why not put it on the book spine or even on the back cover? I think I could handle it there. Think being the key word in that phrase.

I would rather not have any review quotes on the cover. I always enjoy reading them as the first couple of pages in the book though.

Does this mean I am too picky? I feel like I am just complaining about something that really doesn’t have too much relevance but I feel like it falls under if I see it I will not purchase that copy.

What do you think literary lovelies? I would love to discuss your views in the comments below!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Here is the book which prompted this post. Can you catch the glaring thing that I am not a fan of?

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