I am thinking…

… about moving from two posts a week to one during the summer months literary lovelies.

I know I finally have been posted more frequently this month but with July comes a four-hour trek to cottage country and August brings me travelling back to Saskatchewan to visit my family for a few weeks. I feel like I am going to be busy chasing after my nieces and the kids of my mom’s home daycare which will leave me exhausted beyond measure.

So I have decided to post only on Wednesdays so I can make sure and still write for you all my favourite Who Wore it Best Wednesdays as well as Writing Prompt Wednesdays. I will pepper in some posts regarding whatever literary topic has gripped me currently as well as anything else I might want to share with you all.

I hope June has been treating you well. May your reading be beyond enjoyable and for my fellow writers out there may the words be flowing from your fingertips.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: A slight amendment to the above once a week post on Wednesday, I will still have a Self Love Sunday post once a month!  APC_0121.jpg



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