Everybody has an addiction – Writing Prompt Wednesday

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Consciousness flooded in as those words repeated themselves in my head, “Everybody has an addiction mine just happens to be you.”

A moment later it dawned on me as my blurry eyes tried to clear the room. The words weren’t a broken record in my head but continually came from the mouth of the last person I thought would put me here.

My tongue felt bound in my mouth like it had been made prey by the silken webs of a very large spider and not whatever drugs had been introduced unwillingly to my system.

“Everybody has an addiction mine just happens to be you.” Whispered out at me again from the corner of the room.

I didn’t know what was more terrifying the constant replay of a sentence which hadn’t felt so cryptic the first time it had been introduced to me or the fact that the intonation it now possessed made a horror movie out of my reality.

Closing my eyes I concentrated on my limbs and their constricted positions. My hands were clasped behind my back by what felt like duct tape as I pressed one fingertip to its rigid surface. My legs were confined at the ankle with what I can only assume was the same mechanism of impediment.

In searching for answers on what held me fast, I realized I hadn’t heard the echo of words which had initially been so flattering. Was I suddenly alone? I couldn’t comprehend the feelings which raced in my brain, all vying for attention, relief, anticipation, hope.

Before I could fully lock in on one, I was distracted by a trickling sensation down the back of my neck like a drop of unwanted sweat. It was followed by a whisper of lips grazing my earlobe that chilled me to the core, “Everybody has an addiction mine just happens to be you. And we all know the only way to beat an addiction is to purge it from your system.”


Hello again literary lovelies,

There is just something about this writing prompt which isn’t sitting well with me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. What say you?

I’ve gone over it again and again and it is starting to drive me a bit mad. So I am going to cease typing and hope you can provide some insight into what the trouble might be.

May your Wednesday be filled with all things wonderful!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What is your go-to summer beverage?

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