Fall means…

… never having to ask if it too early to buy Halloween decorations?

Are you with me literary lovelies? I feel like quoting Gaston from Beauty and the Beast after the last question.  (Do you know the scene of which I speak?)

How are you, dear readers?

I am finding my fall to be one filled with a bit of anxiety as everything starts to change and progress from new schedules to new work obligations. I am looking for something to keep me grounded.

When you find yourself in the midst of change what do you do? Do you tuck yourself into the crisp autumn air and just keep going or do you sit with a cup of cider and make a plan? Sometimes I feel like I am more the former than the latter. Or I just panic and skitter around like fallen leaves.

I will continue to hold out hope and try to figure out where I fit amidst the changing of the seasons.

Are you a fan of Autumn? If not what is your favourite season?

Are you someone who cannot wait to deck your house out in all things Halloween related? I have a haunted house mug I’ve been itching to fill up with tea and cozy up next to a spooky story.

All in all, how are you faring? I would love to know about the beginning of your autumn season and how your summer went in the comments below!

Wishing you all things wonderful!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Do you have any favourite Halloween inspired movies or spooky books you like to reread this time of year?

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