Genres we lean on

Hello Literary Lovelies,

How is September treating you?

Today I wanted to discuss genres from those we love above all else to those we turn to in moments of reading slumps.

Is there a genre which will always receive the gold medal in your hearts’ dearest readers?

I have always loved mystery and suspense from my childhood with Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective to Nancy Drew to Mary Higgins Clark and the many dark and twisty thrillers I read to this day. There is nothing like a great novel to keep you gripped to its pages or fill you with pride when you knew who the culprit was all along.


Fantasy has always been a top contender in my childhood but I do not often find it finding the light so much in my adult life. I loved The Enchanted Forest Chronicles and still do to this day but I have yet to find another one beyond Harry Potter (which I read in my adulthood – although I loved it, it did break my heart to the point where I could no longer continue watching the movie franchise.) I did really enjoy the Six of Crows Dulogy by Leigh Bardugo but I worry since Harry Potter when it comes to epic fantasy I just can’t allow them my whole heart.


Now for my next question (I furtively gaze around the room before leaning in) do you have a genre which you might be secretive about? Are there books you are dying to read and which tinge your cheeks pink if you think someone might catch you with it?

I feel if any genre would do this for me it should be the Romance genre but I have to say I am loud and proud about my love for romance; especially regency romance. (Insert literary sigh here!) My current favourite is Mary Balogh and her latest series which always starts with “Someone to…”. I have never held books tighter or cracked books spines quicker than when I am reading her words. I smile till my cheeks hurt and laugh and even cry with her characters.

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Do you have any genres you hide away and those who you can’t help but shout about from the rooftops? I would love to hear about them!

Till next time lovelies!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What has been your favourite read of the summer?


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