Writing not being prompted Wednesday

Ugh, dear Readers!

I am not sure what is happening to me with my inability to write anything from prompt to “decent” blog post to anything really. I find myself in a September creative rut.

Therefore I decided to write an observational story about my inability to write a successful Writing Prompt Wednesday.


She sits at her laptop for perhaps the fifth, no sixth-time today, her fingers move between flexing above the keys and slightly tapping words at random which end up making no sense. 

This hasn’t happened in quite some time, the inability to write a solitary thing. A quick little writing prompt always gets the juices flowing. Something is always produced from a simple Pinterest search. Yet many tabs are left open, multiple screenshots were taken, three drafts have been started and nothing completed. 

Frustration rises up her spine tensing the muscles in her neck. It is the making of a horrible headache all for the attempts to write a blog post which suddenly feels just as trivial as so many things. 

Maybe she should just write about the frustrations. Maybe she should just take a step outside of herself and view the situation from another angle. Maybe she just hasn’t found exactly what she wants to write about. Maybe, just maybe the writing will come… eventually. 


I would say short and sweet but that might not be the entire truth literary lovelies. I am not sure how I feel once I’ve completed it. I am determined to leave it here and not to erase it or leave it as a draft.

May your September be filled with the beautiful colours and smells (minus pumpkin spice – I dislike pumpkin spice wholeheartedly) of this wonderful time of year.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: I’ve been trying to get up the courage to edit my first draft of my latest novel. I am hoping October will bring me some courage and candy.



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