A Blank Page

Honestly Austen

Photo Taken by Honestly Austen

If you could be a blank page or could start your story afresh, what would you write about yourself?

How would you begin?

With a:

Once Upon a Time…


One dark and stormy night…

or perhaps even an

In a galaxy far, far away…

What would you choose? What would your opening line be?

Is it a story or chapter about surviving the odds? Would you want it to make people laugh? Is it filled with adventure or a mystery yet to be solved?

I have been thinking about this as I try and pull myself from my homebody seclusion. As I try and set myself upon the world as a more active character in my life.

Until now, or perhaps just these last few years, I have mostly been the supporting character. Sometimes witty but often quiet. The one who is teased for reading abundantly and who dreams of writing and a quiet country life.

All my chapters up till now have definitely not been page-turners, but I would like to think I could start a new chapter. One which might open with a wry comment allowing the reader to see a glimmer of my inner character.

If a blank page lays before me, before us all, what would you want yours to say?


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Are the leaves changing colours where you are?


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