Writing challenges… yay or nay?

Hello dear readers!

I wanted to know your thoughts on writing challenges literary lovelies? I have been following the #nanowrimo hashtag on Instagram and sometimes it is inspiring and other times simply daunting. I thought I might take this one I found and making it into a writing prompt Wednesday. (Although I feel like I have already written something in a similar vein…)




The dark wasn’t scary anymore… it had consumed so much of my reality it felt like it now embraced me with open arms.

I heard the shuffle of feet before the knock warned me of their arrival. It was five steps to the door and I counted them off slowly under my breath.

My hand was already up by the time I reached the catch and slid it over. The scrapes of wood on wood echoing into the darkness around me.

I did not have to ask who was there, especially at this time of night. I pulled on the worn handle and with obvious assistance from the other side, the door moved inward allowing my company to spill in without any light to accompany them.

Before the door was even shut chilled fingertips met my temples followed by tepid breath attached to lips which gently caressed my eyelids. 

I leaned in on a sigh. Our bodies closing the door. “No one saw you?” Fell almost inaudibly from my lips.

“Not a soul,” Hers uttered against my cheek.  


I shall leave it right there dear readers. This is one of the writing prompts I mentioned in my previous post Writing not being prompted Wednesday. A piece which I have been going back and forth on not feeling like it was complete. It feels much better now.

As always I welcome your comments and thoughts on this writing prompts. Where would you go with it?


Honestly Austen

Postscript: I am happy to be feeling more in the groove with these writing prompts. Fingers crossed it stays this way.



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