The Holidays are Coming!

Hello, again dear readers!

My apologies for the absence. I have been dealing with some things which have kept me mentally blocked from writing any posts. I will probably leave the explanation for a Self-Love Sunday post for November. (And yes, I know I missed October. It was a bit of a difficult month for me.)

So the Holidays are coming! This year will be both wonderful in that I will still get home to visit my parents (I haven’t missed a Christmas yet!) and sad in that when I come back to my current city of residence I will be moving. Usually moving fills me with a sense of excitement for new things to come but this move was not really up to me and I have been very conflicted and hurt by it.

But I am here to talk about all our favourite bookish things to do during the holidays! Are you a person who rereads all their favourites around the holidays? Or finds yourself reading a specific genre of books?

I am usually both!

I often reread Jane Eyre or Persuasion during the holiday season!

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset


I also love to read Christmas themed romance novels this time of year!


I am very excited to get started after two reviews I have coming up! I already have a pile of books to read which I am told by my mother I cannot add onto as one of her Christmas gifts to me every year is a Holiday themed romance novel!

I would love to know any of your Holiday reading traditions in the comments below literary lovelies!

As always I wish you the very best this holiday season. May the season feel more like a winter wonderland than a blizzard for you all!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Do you have any favourite holiday movies? I LOVE Hallmark movies (you may insert eye roll here) and a few of my other favourites include The Family Stone (all the tears) and While You Were Sleeping (I feel like people forget this is actually a holiday movie).


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