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Tomorrow Comes Media’s Descendant Synopsis:

Descendant is a supernatural thriller filled with daring action, adventure, and artifice set against the backdrop of a very familiar world – but it is a world in which preternatural entities, clandestine magical orders, ancient bloodlines, and unholy alliances converge within the shadowed recesses of our darkest imaginings.

Federal Agents Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe are called in to investigate a series of bizarre deaths in a small rural community. What first seems to be a misadventure involving black magic and satanic ritual soon takes on even more deleterious overtones, as the agents become embroiled in a plot by a sinister cabal intent on unleashing Hell on Earth.

My Favourite Quotes:

“They were surrounded by whispers and the chattering of unseen things darting in and out of the shadows.”

“‘So, do you have a name, or does tall, pale, and creepy work for you?'”

“He walked along slowly, at home in the shadows. Strunk got the sense that he wasn’t using them as concealment… more like a lover, weaving in and out of the darkness in a perverse mockery of foreplay.”

“A massive willow, whose weeping branches swayed in the chill breeze, punctuated the backyard. It was encircled by standing stones leaning awkwardly by time’s influence.”

“Tracy loved a good mystery, and this one was shaping up nicely.”

“Even after more than thirty years, the stench of burnt timber was present, like a phantom odor floating across time and space in an attempt to draw you back to a night of death and chaos.”

“Truth was, Tracy Larson could not let it go. She was embroiled in a mystery. No, not a mystery, an epic adventure, and she’d survived too much already to be set on the sidelines. She needed to see how the story played out, and if that meant stalking through this godforsaken darkness, then so be it. Even if it was naught but death that awaited her at the end of the tunnel, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and stride toward it.”

My Thoughts:

*** Warning: There is graphic content within these pages of both a violent and sexual nature as well as coarse language.  ***

Well, literary lovelies, we meet again for another review of a book which I have to say was well out of my usual genre of reading. Which is one of the reasons I so wanted to delve in.

From the getgo, Descendant has an ability to captivate the reader and pull them right into the action. I enjoyed how quickly we were dropped into the scene providing a sense of having to hold on for the entirety of the novel’s ride.

I really loved how the author painted visual scenes from the “Gothic swagger” of a cathedral to the “phantom odor” of “burnt timber”. He made the world come alive and I often felt like I was actually within the pages of the book.

At first, the book having been split into three parts felt a bit disjointed as I was waiting to see where part one fit in but was very pleasantly surprised with how it eventually came full circle with part three. (Perhaps I was being a tad impatient.) In the end, I rather liked how the author set the book into parts keeping the reader enough in the dark and only providing us glimmers of light to see by until it was too late and we were in too deep.

There were definitely characters I was more interested in following as well as some I wished we heard more about. For instance, Tracy Larson’s character was a driving force for me as a reader. Every time a chapter of hers came up I felt even more drawn into the book. I didn’t feel the same way for the characters who were her classmates but who were in their own right essential plot threads. I also would have loved to read more about Samuel Travis Beck’s character.

This leads me to the warning I mentioned at the beginning of this section. Personally, coarse language isn’t too much of a deal-breaker for me as a reader but there were instances where the crassness felt a bit too much even if it was important from a characterization perspective.

I also know the violent and overtly sexual scenes are almost part and parcel with the supernatural/thriller aspects in this genre but there were definitely times where I wished it was possible to avert my gaze. Alas, this was a novel and not a movie. That being said dear readers if you are not squeamish to coarse language, violent and sexual scenes than I would definitely say give this book a read.

There were so many layers weaved within these pages that allowed me to understand how much of an expert the author Bob Freeman is in the field of the occult and paranormal phenomena. If the entire premise of his book didn’t terrify me it would be a subject I would love to learn more about as you only really get a taste of it. Bob Freeman does a great job of captivating the reader.

All in all, if you enjoy supernatural thrillers or want to give the genre a try I would wholeheartedly recommend reading Descendant.

I heart Descendant this much:



You can purchase Descendant from Amazon in print and Kindle versions as well as from Barnes & Noble.


About the Author Bob Freeman!

(*Bio provided by Tomorrow Comes Media)


Bob Freeman is an author, artist, and paranormal adventurer whose previous works include Shadows Over Somerset, Keepers of the Dead, and First Born.

A lifelong student of mythology, folklore, magic, and religion, Freeman has written numerous short stories, articles, and reviews for various online and print publications and is a respected lecturer on the occult and paranormal phenomena.

He lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

Descendant is interrelated with a short story collection by Bob Freeman called First Born: Tales of the Liber Monstrorum. If you are interested in knowing more about his work you can read more about it via Goodreads here!

You can visit his Facebook Page: @authorbobfreeman

Find him on Twitter: @OccultDetective

And learn more about all things Bob Freeman from his website:

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*** Copy received from Tomorrow Comes Media in exchange for an honest review ***

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