Silver Bells – Part 3

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I was brought back to the present with a snap as Merry reached over and placed her hand in the same spot my father had. This time there was no compression just searing heat. 

“Thank you for seeing us, Doctor,” Merry spoke elegantly as per usual.

He cleared his throat and I brought my eyes to his. I tried to scan his face for any hint of the news from my last scans. It usually took some time between scan and notification. So this quick turn around made me feel the news was bad enough for me to have to probably start treatment right away. 

“Thank you for coming in so quickly. I know this isn’t how it is usually done.” Dr. Fitzgibbons turned his head and coughed gently into this sleeve. “I just thought it was important…” 

I couldn’t bear him saying the words. I couldn’t let him continue, “… start treatment right away.” I interjected with a slight cough of my own. My body almost mimicking his. 

It was the look in his eyes which I couldn’t quite comprehend. And he shook his head but it was so quick I didn’t know if it had been in agreement of not. 

“No,” He closed the folder. 

It was Merry who spoke up before I could, “We know if it reoccurs in adulthood the odds are not favourable but can we not even try?” Her voice was strained. I could feel the cracks in it. If Merry were to fall apart how were we going to make it? 

Dr. Fitzgibbons cleared his throat. The poor man was being worked to the bone and it was evident by his rugged appearance and strained vocal cords. He was about to start again and I found my head crumpling into my hands before his words pierced the air. “The scans came back clear.” 

There was a sharp intact of air from my right and the hand which had been so firmly on my arm moved away. 

“Clear? You mean?” The joy in her choked voice reached the small space of darkness I had placed myself in. 

I opened my eyes and looked up at the doctor who now smiled broadly in my direction. “I wanted to tell you now so you wouldn’t worry away your entire holiday season.” 

I don’t know who initiated the movement first but both the Doctor and I got to our feet simultaneously. Our bodies meeting around the corner of his desk. His arms were strong and sure around me with the perfect fatherly squeeze. It felt like I finally got to share a moment I had so desperately needed to with the Doctor as our conduit. 

One of his arms pulled away to allow Merry to step into the fold and she whispered for us all to here, “It is going to be a Merry, Merry Christmas!”  

Green Christmas Tree With Silver Bells

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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