The Ghost of Christmas Present – Pt 2

IF you missed Part 1 you can find it here!


I looked at the rooms behind us and found myself unable to pull myself away from Scarlet’s still form in 212. Her case continued to be a conundrum to her doctors. Her comatose form having been completely dormant, leading everyone to believe there was nothing left to do for her until a brief flicker of brain activity yesterday afternoon. I had a theory about it which I had later discussed with Nan from 204. The rest of the staff had been bustling around but I had been charting just outside her room and picked up a snippet of the one-sided conversation between her and her visitor even though the door had only been open a titch. 

If I hadn’t been aware of Scarlet’s case I would have instantly thought this was her person. I watched from the window as with one hand he gently tucked the hair away from her brow and behind her ear while the other rested on her arm. It reminded me of when Brad had done the same to me after his skate had clipped mine and we had fallen into a heap on the ice. 

Scarlet’s visitor was telling her about offering to buy her books the first time they had met. Even with his voice low, the way he spoke so lovingly drifted out of the crack in the door to capture me. It sounded like the perfect beginning to a happily ever after but was interrupted when the door was pushed open by Scarlet’s fiance. 

It was later when the doctors were discussing with renewed hope the brief flicker of change in Scarlet’s condition when I knew the only thing or more accurately person who could bring about her Christmas miracle would be the man who had been there when the flicker of hope had happened. I was stealing myself to bring it up with the doctors, hoping they wouldn’t think I was spinning some Christmas romance novel-like plot. Although it was shaping up to be one. 

“Earth to Etta. Come in Etta.” Tawny tapped lightly on my temple. 

I was brought back to our Brad obsessed conversation. “Yes. He was gone. Poof! Like throwing down some sort of smoke bomb as in the movies.” I couldn’t help mimic the motion which only brought a smirk to Tawny’s stunning tan face. 

“You went to his place?” She was like a dog with a bone. 

I couldn’t admit to her that I had never not once gone to his place in the two months we had known each other. How could I say I didn’t even know where he lived. So I fibbed, “Yup. Nothing.” 

“Did you ask his neighbours if they had seen or heard of him?” Of course, she had follow up questions. 

“Are you planning on changing careers to become a detective?” I had to extricate myself from this conversation. Why were none of the patients needing any assistance whatsoever? I needed a distraction. 

Her next sentence pulled from her with a squeak, “If you remind me of his surname, I can check the morgues for you.” 

The thought had flitted through my mind when he had initially disappeared. I had pushed it away. It was easier to make him into a villain than to think even for a second that the reason he didn’t contact me was because he could not.

We were finally interrupted, but not by the needs of one of our patients but by one of the doctors assigned to Scarlet. He strolled up to us, his tablet tight within his grasp.


Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

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