It’s 2020…

… and have we all heard the usual:

“Did you make any resolutions this year?”

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, I love the whole notion of a ‘fresh start’ but the idea that I am pinning my hopes onto the first few weeks of one of the toughest months for me, always makes me feel even worse when I inevitably fail.

Also, it probably doesn’t help that when I was a kid I was jokingly told A LOT that my resolution should be to stop whining. And as you may learn from any of my more personal posts – or love notes to myself – that it can be viewed that I am never too far from whining about something in my life.

Therefore I do not subscribe to the whole making resolutions for the new year. I would love to have a different view of this. It is not like I don’t strive for change when it comes to attempting (insert eye-roll here) to be more healthy in all the ways you are supposed to – lol.

I think perhaps the one goal (whisper: resolution) I have this year, is to more or less try to survive the upcoming major change in my life with as much grace as I can possibly manage. And to hopefully make some headway on my manuscript with my first couple of rounds of editing.

You see, dear readers, these things are going to happen this year (the first whether or not I want it to) and therefore I think I could either accelerate my efficiency in dealing with them or simply puddle on the ground and feel them as they come.

I would love to know literary lovelies, if you make resolutions or if you do not. I found out from a friend of mine from Portugal that they do something more along the lines of 12 wishes where they eat 12 raisins and make a wish for each one for the New Year.

I like the idea of making wishes more than resolutions. Although both my friend and I do not like raisins very much. She used grapes instead which I feel is not straying too far from the mark since a raisin can’t be a raisin without having been a grape first.

I am wishing you all the very best 2020 has to offer. For those of us who struggled through 2019, may your 2020 be infinitely better. And for those of us who continue our struggles into 2020 may we be able to get through them with as much support as we need and with as little anguish as possible.

Please know that I am always here for a chat with anyone who might feel like they need someone to confide in. I am great at giving advice (if I don’t necessarily follow my own).

With love,

Honestly Austen

Postscript: Wherever you might be, do you have any specific traditions around New Year’s resolutions based on where you live or ones your family and friends created?

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