Another writing challenge!


… and immediately the space quieted. Every ear perked in anticipation, every figure hunched in silent hope.

A moment passed and finally, a collective breath escaped the group as they all straightened to sit tall once more.

“What do you suppose it was?” Cella’s gleaming hair twitched in the firelight.

Anya’s hand stretched out to pat Cella’s arm. Her attempt at reassurance not quite meeting the pinched look on her face beyond her tightly woven braids.

Each pair of eyes scanned the cloth which surrounded them, not quite stopping to meet any of the others. Each flitted over the door only holding for a moment.

“It was probably just a…”

The words were extinguished in a gust like the flame of a candle as the sound came again. This time not in a blink as before but in resounding waves rippling around them.

Now on their feet with their backs to the center, each body arched ready to attack whatever pulsated in the darkness.

Their thoughts suddenly unified only in surviving this moment.



Hello Literary Lovelies,

How have you all been? Sorry for dropping off the face of my blog. I have been dealing with some change recently and have not been able to find much to write about.

I hope you enjoy this Writing Prompt Wednesday.


Honestly Austen

Postscript: Tell me what do you think would be in the darkness just outside their tent?




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