April Self-Love Quarantine Sunday

Hello Dearest Readers,

As redundant of a question as it may seem I would like to know how you are all doing?

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, many told to stay home as much as possible while others are thrust onto the front lines of this pandemic. Wherever you might find yourself I hope you are able to hold on and thank you for doing your part.

I feel like this month’s Self-Love Sunday note is for you all just as much as it is for me.

Dear Me,

Stay hopeful.
Stay steady.
Stay strong.
Stay you. 

With love, 

Me, Yourself & I.  


I am here if ever you need literary lovelies. If you find yourself in the darkness reach out to me and even though you cannot physically feel my hand in yours, know I am here.


Honestly Austen


Postscript: What is your favourite quarantine snack? Or stress-relieving snack?



2 thoughts on “April Self-Love Quarantine Sunday

    • I completely understand how you feel! My normal introverted self often longs to “not” do anything but with what is currently happening – I find myself almost fractured with trying to find my normal within this. ❤️❤️

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