May Self-Love Sunday

Hello dearest Readers!

(I put that exclamation in there – more in my excitement to talk to you all – than for the fact that I am generally excited.)

How have you been doing?

Has this whole quarantine business wherever you may be made you forget what month it actually is?

I do not know what it is about May but I thought it was happening the entire month of April and now that it is actually here perhaps I will start thinking it is April now and not May. (Insert facepalm emoji here…)

I am finding in my inability to be creative or read (ANYTHING) that I have somehow offered some creative assistance to one or two people of my acquaintance. Only small things but I guess I am being helpful nonetheless.

Which leads me into my self-love Sunday note to myself:
Dear Me,

It may not be the time to create
something with your own fingers.
But this does not mean it will never
happen again.
Show kindness to those inner whispers
telling you things you can’t unhear.
Hearing them does not make them true.
You are creative even in the unfinished
Being unfinished doesn’t lessen your




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