Self-Love Sunday: July Edition

Dearest Readers,

How have you been?

I find myself attempting to write a self-love Sunday note to myself this July when things have been weird, to say the least. We have all been struggling through the current affairs plaguing our lives from all the changes to all the heartache. This being said, I would like to extend a listening ear and air hug to any of you literary lovelies who might need one. My comments are always open to you and if you want to privately contact me, you can email me here.

So let me try to put into words this note to myself:

Dear Me, 

How does time simultaneously feel as though it is crawling by in slow motion and running away with us? 

I know the last months have provided a lot of change beyond the scope of what the world and its inhabitants are experiencing for you. They (whoever they may be) say change is a good thing.  

It is okay to just feel as though you are treading water. It may not look like it but floating is the closest to swimming you might get right now. It is better than syncing. 

So remember that you are stronger than you know and with each passing day we are floating towards something other than the current situation we find ourselves in. 

We can do it! 



Postscript: I think we might have put too many floating analogies in there…


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