Find your fantasy title!

Hello, Literary Lovelies!

Bear with me on this post…

I stumbled upon this Fantasy Title Generator on Pinterest brought to us by the amazing Epic Reads!


Name/Title generators always make me smile and I wanted to bring this to you all and find out what your fantasy title might be.


I have an issue I must confess…

(lean in so I might whisper.)

Have you dear readers heard about the article making the rounds (again) saying Nasa’s discovered a 13th Zodiac sign?

Well, long story short there is a difference between astronomy and astrology as well as the fact that the Babylonians knew of said 13th constellation and not only made them into 12 (to align with their twelve-month calendar) but also allocated equal amounts of time to them (whether it fits with the actual science).

You can find out more from the sources below (who will explain it much better than I ever could):

Nasa’s (Tumbler Account)

Time’s article: Nasa Elegantly Shuts Down Those New Zodiac Star Theories

Nasa’s July 16th, 2020 Tweet (made me smile):

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 3.50.59 PM

Why have I digressed from our topic, you may ask??

It’s because the fantasy title generator asks for your zodiac sign AND you see mine has “changed”. I never put much stock in this whole zodiac business (besides reading the occasional horoscope – as you do) but when I heard I had been changed from a Cancer to a Gemini I couldn’t quite quell the ire rising within me.

Perhaps it was because often in my childhood I was told I was so much like the sensitive Cancer sign that maybe I let it filter itself a tiny bit more over my “personality”. Like one of those Instagram filters where it is a picture of you but the whole “smooth skin/make-up” adding filter doesn’t look like the real you. Or the fact that I am not good with change…


For the purposes of this fantasy title generator, I am actually siding with the Gemini Zodiac sign (insert eye roll here) because I feel it makes for a better title:

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 4.01.33 PM

For A Prize of Queens


For A Wish of Queens


And I know they both don’t really make any sense but I can see For A Prize of Queens materialize in my mind like some dystopian fantasy over For A Wish of Queens.

If it was For The Wish of Queens (shoulder shrug)…

I shall leave you here with the growing pile of my ridiculousness.

May this post find you well and please don’t hesitate to drop in the comments what your fantasy title might be (with your new or pre-existing zodiac sign).


Honestly Austen


Postscript: I feel like the plot in For a Prize of Queens might be something about the downfall of the rulers within a realm and how they are now the prize in some sort of competition. Thoughts?




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