Writing Prompt Wednesday – Flash Fiction Challenge

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Do you want to meet?

I couldn’t stop myself before typing my reply: Did you seriously just ask that question? You’re being absurd. Absolutely absurd.

I watched the three-dot text bubble appear on the screen before disappearing. Waiting for the response. Absolutely absurd had been a bit much even for me. But at least I was being honest.

Like a magic trick the text bubble appeared and disappeared once more.

My phone met the table top; face down. I let it lay there, waiting, feeling the possibility pulsating.

It buzzed.

I think it’s worth the risk.

Followed by: 

You’re worth the risk.

I wanted the subject of the last text to be the deciding factor. The kind words to be my tipping point; my inevitable downfall.

My thumbs usually had a mind of their own. My brain rarely catching up before hitting send. This time they hovered above the keys just as unsure as the rest of me.

I couldn’t even conjure up a text bubble.

I simply left them on:

Read 12:02


Hello Literary Lovelies,

How are you all doing? I am attempting to get over a sinus/ear infection which has me quite foggy brained at the moment.

I had started writing this prompt in March but had left it behind. I found it calling to me to finish today.

Where would you have taken this prompt dear readers? I would love to know in the comment below.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


Honestly Austen

Postscript: What do you think is the reason why the MC doesn’t want to meet?




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